President's Letter

I am proud to be a Rotarian! I am most honored and humbled to be the 2018-2019 President of Pico Rivera Rotary Club, and with the help and support of my Board members and fellow Club members, I will do my best to meet the challenge.


Our club has been built on a strong leadership foundation, and I am fortunate to have a membership that is fully committed to the Rotary ideal of “Be the Inspiration”, and continues to go the extra mile in building the club, and carrying out the many worthwhile projects that we undertake for the benefit of our community.  Although our club has experienced some unpleasant situations beyond our control, we remain strong and committed to be a beacon of light in our community, our club, District 5300, and Rotary International. Members have moved away due to job changes, others are suffering debilitating health conditions that limit their participation at club meetings, still others have job conflicts.   In spite of these distractions, Pico Rivera Rotary Club is solidly planted to stand strong and rise above any situation that may seem to tear us apart.


Let me take this opportunity to congratulate Immediate Past President Bhavan Singh and his Board for a very triumphant two years. During Bhavan’s two years, the membership did many things to show their support to our club and to me as his successor, and I thank him and our club for not giving up on us.


I would also like to congratulate each of the Board members. Our fellow club members have shown their confidence in you and me by appointing us to our respective positions, and I look forward to serving with you. I have already seen the energy, enthusiasm, and commitment that you bring to the Club and know that you will continue as a Board Member. I am proud to note that 57 percent of the Board members have attended a District 5300 leadership training and/or District Webinar. The goal for 2018-2019 is to increase club leadership training participation to 100%.  We can’t grow if we don’t know!! Knowledge is Power!!!


Our President of Rotary International, Barry Rassin, selected the theme "Be the Inspiration" for the 2018/2019 Rotary year.   In doing so, I believe he had in mind the shared commitment of every Rotarian to provide the best experience to our members, being useful in the world and in our community.  These ideas describe the Rotary club that we want to be.


Our main goal is to inspire our club to do something this year that we’ve never done before -- “to awaken in the soul of each Rotarian the ability and potential as we begin the “inspiration” within each of ourselves. How is this done?  


  • Tell our community who we are and what we do

  • Members develop skills and leadership abilities

  • Push forward – remove barriers that hinders

  • Keep flexibility of the club  and meeting the needs of each member


Thank God for everything that we’re going to do to make our club, community, and the world a better place.


Be the Inspiration,


Earnestine “Tina” Walker

President, 2018-2019

To become a member of Pico Rivera Rotary Club please join us at one of our meetings

The Mission of the Rotary Club of Pico Rivera is to support and carry out the duties and responsibilities of Rotary International by helping to build a better community through service activities locally, nationally and internationally.   We strive to make a difference for people who are less fortunate with special emphasis on the youth of the community of Pico Rivera. Our club raise money annually to support many diverse organizational needs as well as supporting Rotary International programs.


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PO Box 120, Pico Rivera, CA 90660