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2022-2023 GOALS

The following goals were submitted to DG John Chase and RI.  These goals will be tracked by RI, so it’s imperative that we all submit, via DACdb, any and all activities that we engage in this year.   


1.  Support the new club in area 3

2.  Support RI 
     $250 - clean water project

     $250 - fighting disease project

3.  Plan activities with other District 5300 – Area 3 Clubs

4.  Extending community service involvement throughout the year as we connect with other community organizations and Clubs. I.e. Golf Tournament, Thanksgiving Basket giveaway, City of Pico Rivera and Chambers sponsored events.

5.  Members engaged in district trainings. 50% representing each club office/ committee.

6.  Our club growth numerically and community/District 5300 involvement.

7.  Avoid burnout by over engagement. If each member participate in a Club and/or District 5300 training events and share at a cluB meeting, burnout can be minimized. Let’s "Be the Inspiration” within our club.

8.  All members, if possible, support all of our club activities.

9. President’s desire: Each member work towards becoming a “Paul Harris” fellow during the 2022-2023 year by donating online or via the club to Paul Harris

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